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 Euroweb FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions.

We help you and give you clear and concise answers. If your question is not in the FAQ, then please contact us!


Online Store

With our Shop you can sell your Products on the Internet

How do I create new products in the online shop?

New products are available in the administrative area of the Euroweb create online shops. This point can be found in the menu under "products". After you click on "Products", the product list opens in the middle viewport.

At the beginning you will not see any products, because the Euroweb online store contains no test products. To create a new product enter the product number (e.g. 0001), the name of the product, the list price and the stock in the entry fields provided for this purpose. A click on the button "Save" creates the product and it becomes visible in the list.

A product, however, contains a range of information. To add more information to your product, click on the product number.


How to edit your page.

How can I upload my own images to the Euroweb CMS?

To upload an image to your CMS page the web designer has to activate this feature for your loops. If you have not enabled this feature in your Euroweb CMS, please send an e-mail to and tell us the number of images that you require per loop.

Domain transfer

Interesting facts about domain names and hosting.

What is the Authinfo process?

After almost 30 years, the Denic modifies the provider change procedure. We have put together a FAQ for you to present the subject quickly and easily to you. On the official page of DENIC you can get more information about the new process: Provider Change with Authinfo

Where can I get an authorization code, if I want to transfer my domain to another provider?

You will always get the authorization code from the current provider. For some providers it is necessary that you cancel the web hosting package in advance in order to receive the Auth Code. You can check on who is currently managing your domain.

My old provider says he needs a KK request for the domain to tell me the authorization code. Is this approach correct?

This statement is only partially correct. For security reasons, the provider will need a document signed by the domain holder.

In general, it is enough if you request informally this code in writing.

I have got my authorization code, what next?

Inform your new provider about the authorization code. This may initiate the transfer with the authorization code.

How long does it take to transfer a domain with an authorization code?

Once the new provider initiates the transfer authorization code, the domain will move automatically and immediately.

I told my new provider the authorization code, and at DENIC he is already entered. However, my new website does not open yet. What to do?

By changing the provider usually new name server entries will be set, the update of the name server can take several hours to complete. Just try it again at a later date.

Do I need a unique code for each domain?

Yes. For each domain, a unique code is generated, which is valid for 30 days.

I have a web hosting package at 1 & 1 and would like to migrate my domain to Euroweb. How do I go about it?

In order to transfer your domain quickly to Euroweb, you need the access to your 1 & 1 Control Center. Under the item "Manage Domains" you can release your domain for a change of provider. You will receive your authorization code after the release by email. Then you can forward this e-mail to us.

Search engines (SEO)

How to be found on the web.

When will my site be found on Google?

It often takes several weeks, until a page is included by the search engines in the index. You can test this by a site survey: just type " " in the search box of a search engine: If your site is already indexed, it should appear in the hit list.

You can accelerate the process of inclusion in the index by a search engine by placing some external links on other sites pointing to your page. The inclusion in the index does not mean that on certain keywords (search terms) you are also found. Up until the page is fully indexed and compared with other sites, four weeks or more can pass. Also, the effect of SEO measures becomes noticeable only after several weeks, sometimes months or even years. So you should wait at least two months or longer before the placement of the side may be objectively assessed and be thought about more SEO measures.

What are the main criteria that matter to Google?

Google has more than 150 criteria that influence the ranking. The most important are:

  • Link popularity: many incoming links from quality sites
  • Domain name and age as well as file name and page title of a document
  • Content: A lot of theme-related content on your page
  • Keyword Density: The most important keywords should appear at a frequency of 3-5:100 in continuous text (general rule)
  • A logical hierarchical structure and optimal internal linking of the page
What can I do myself to improve my ranking?

There are several proven methods that require a certain amount of work:

  • Registration of the page at various web directories and business directories (if not already done so)
  • Creation of interesting and exclusive content on your own side to get external links from other sites
  • publish guest articles with backlinks on topic-relevant blogs, websites, etc.
  • link exchange with other sites
I do not like the text below the search result. Can you change this?
Many search engines use the description text from the meta tags, which is located in the HTML file in <head> under meta name = "description" content = "xxx". If you want to change this text, you have to unlock this option in the first EurowebCMS by our support team.
Some search engines use the description in the web directories: the page is entered in a web catalog; the search engine then takes over the description text that was entered during registration. Google is an exception and uses the meta description in addition to their own "snippets" that appear on the search results. A snippet is description of the page put together by Google from the contents of a page. A direct influence is not easily available here.
How many times has a word come to come across in the text?

A good value for the so-called keyword density is 3-5:100. This means that in a text of 100 words the relevant keyword should occur about three to five times in the text. At a higher keyword rate one runs the risk that this will be recognized as spamming and has a negative effect on the ranking.

This is a policy that you must not slavishly adhere. For example, the text aesthetics should be retained in each case. Always remember: you write your text for your website visitors, not for search engines!

Can I "hide" text on my page, for example, white text on a white background?

No, because this is a long-known spamming strategy. It falls into the "black hat" methods, so dubious SEO methods, and is immediately detected and punished by the search engines.

How do search engines deal with words in the singular/plural?

Most search engines use different methods to find words due to their root word. That is to say, "goes" becomes "go" from "Cars" (plural) becomes "car" (singular). As long as a user is not looking for "Cars" in quotes it is in most cases irrelevant whether you use the singular or plural of a term.

Do other search engines work like Google?

In their ground principle they are equal. The differences lie in the different algorithms that are used. Thus, for example, the Google PageRank patent, to which the link popularity of a page is calculated. Nevertheless, the SEO Euroweb performs, affects all search engines equally.

What search engines other than Google is there/ are important?

The major search engines in Europe are Google, Yahoo and MSN / Bing.

Can only text or images / graphics from Google's Robot be "read"?

All file types that have no textual content, ie images, videos, Flash animations, audio, etc. are for the search engines and thus also for SEO (at least yet) irrelevant. These file types can, however, by means of alternative descriptions and surrounding text be deducible (eg alt-image tags) for search engines. Most important are HTML, XML, PDF, DOC, RTF, etc.

Will my site be registered with Google?

Yes! The Euroweb team registers your new page all automatically with Google

Any questions about search engines?

Take a look at our search engine glossary.