New Internet Page for Fabian Hambuechen

13. Juli 2012

It is smoldering and smoking as Fabian Hambuechen emerges victorious. A pose that emphasizes the fighting spirit of an exceptional talent: gymnast Fabian Hambuechen has qualified for the 2012 Olympics in London. This image of Hambüchen is shown on his new website that was developed in close cooperation with the Internet Agency Euroweb.

Just before the start of the Olympic Summer Games in London, Fabian Hambuechen presents himself with a new website on For the ambitious world-class gymnast, who currently is on the air in the ProSieben TV show „Seven Moves“ revealing his recipe for success in sports, it is the third Olympics. After a long injury layoff last year, 2012 is to be a new start for the 24-year-old.

For this new beginning stands also the relaunch of Hambüchen’s website. The new website was sponsored by the Euroweb Internet GmbH from Düsseldorf which supports top athletes as a new media partner since 2008.

The old website of Fabian Hambuechen was no longer up to date technically. Thus, the four-year-old site has been totally redesigned. New content and graphics make the website appear expressive and opulent. The site impresses with its unusual atmospheric character with geometrical static shapes and the contrasting main colors ruby-red and cyan. The static forms are in contrast to the graphical elements, such as the smoke and the detached Fabian motives, in order to give the whole layout, maintenance, and a clear structure.

Technically challenging was the creation of the animation and the horizontal slide effect. In this regard the frequent use of JavaScript and jQuery was necessary to create the animations, but also to optimize the site for search engines. For each bottom individual CSS properties were used, so that they look differently. The biggest challenge for the web designers in charge Sebastian Kollat and Michael Ernst, however, was the creation and implementation of the many smoke-elements, which serve as a special eye-catcher.

For Fabian Hambuechen, it was important that the page is a connecting link for all his channels in the social networks. Hence the prominent placement of the Facebook message box on the home page. By the idea that you can simply place them on one page, Hambuechen was very impressed. In general, for the world-class gymnast from Wetzlar, it is very important to keep in touch with his fans: Fabian Hambuechen describes his impressions: „The website is really great and the cooperation with Euroweb has been as always superb. It is always amazing what is possible with such a site and how many different features can be added. Today very much is about the Internet. It is terrific that it is possible to connect everything on such a page, such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. So I’m very happy about the new site and hope that my fans like it too.“

About Euroweb

The owner-managed Euroweb Group, headquartered in Düsseldorf is one of the leading internet agencies in Europe working for industry-wide small and medium-sized businesses. The full service approach includes in particular web design, corporate videos, online marketing and other internet services. Since its founding in 2001, a nationwide service network in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Bulgaria has been established with over 40 locations and 650 employees. The Euroweb Group is socially engaged with an own Euroweb Foundation and the Euroweb Sports Promotion that supports, among others, swimmer Markus Rogan and biathlon star Simon Schempp.

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