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Your internet address at Euroweb. You want to transfer your own domain? On this page, we provide you with answers for the most frequently asked questions concerning your domain.

You may download the required forms for different domain based changes here.

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Procedure of domain transfer

  • Write
  • Ask AuthCode
  • Got code
  • Forwarding Code
  • Transfer
  • Page online
  • Set up email

Step 1: Write

You will receive a letter for the transfer of the domain.

Step 2: Ask AuthCode

Ask your provider for the AuthCode. This is essential for the procedure transfer.

Step 3: Got code

Your current provider will tell you the code.

Step 4: Forwarding Code

Direct the code you received from your provider to us. The code is valid for 14 days.

Step 5: Transfer

With the AuthCode we can now begin with the transfer.

Step 6: Page online

Your domain is registered and your website can be placed online.

Step 7: Set up email

With the transferred domain the access will also change

I would like to transfer my domain - what should I do?

You already have a domain in which one knows you? Is your page hosted by us? Therefore, the domain will be transferred to us. This is done by using the n Provider Change with Authinfo.

Do I need a unique code for each domain?

Yes. For each domain, a unique code is generated, which is valid for 30 days.

Where can I get an authorization code?

The authorization code you will always get from the current provider. For some providers it is necessary that you cancel the web hosting package in advance in order to receive the Auth Code. You can check on who currently manages your domain.

My old provider says he needs a KK request for the domain to tell me the authorization code. Is this approach correct?

This statement is only partially correct. For security reasons, the provider will need a document signed by the procedure holder. In general, it is enough, if you request informally this code in writing.

I have got my authorization code – what next?

Inform your new provider about the authorization code. This may initiate the transfer with the authorization code.

How long does it take to transfer a domain with an authorization code?

Once the new provider initiates the transfer authorization code, the domain will move automatically and immediately.

I told my new provider the authorization code, and at DENIC he is already entered. However, my new website does not open yet. What to do?

By changing the provider usually new name server entries will be set, the update of the name server can take several hours to complete. Just try it again at a later date.

I have a web hosting package at 1 & 1 and would like to migrate my domain to Euroweb. How do I go about it?

In order to transfer your domain quickly to Euroweb, you need the access to your 1 & 1 Control Center. Under the item "Manage Domains" you can release your domain for a change of provider. You will receive your authorization code after the release by email. Then you can forward this e-mail to us.

Procurement guidelines for top-level domains

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